Cast Iron Tuyere Cooler

Item No.: 003
Tuyere Cooler is water cooling iron casting,casted in coil pipe.Its front cone cooperates with the front cone of tuyere & slag notch medium sleeve,connect the furnace body together by flange.

A cast iron tuyere cooler is a device used in blast furnaces to cool the tuyeres, which are the nozzles through which air is injected into the furnace. The tuyere cooler is typically made of cast iron and is located at the base of the tuyere.
The purpose of the tuyere cooler is to protect the tuyere from the high temperatures and corrosive materials present in the blast furnace. The tuyere cooler is designed to circulate cooling water around the tuyere to absorb the heat and prevent the tuyere from melting or warping.
The design of the tuyere cooler can vary depending on the specific requirements of the blast furnace. Some tuyere coolers are designed to allow for easy replacement of the tuyere, while others may be integrated into the furnace structure.
Overall, the cast iron tuyere cooler is an important component of blast furnace technology that helps to maintain the structural integrity of the furnace and improve its efficiency.